Month: July 2018

Microsoft wants to show the leap seconds on Windows

The system clock will therefore bear properly the addition of these additional seconds are used to synchronize different systems of time measurement.

The Cochlear Implant of the Future Embarquerait LED and Fiber Optic

Fiber-optic and micro-LED would improve in terms the devices, which allow to people affected by hearing loss to hear sounds and conversations. All that remains is a bit of genetic manipulation should be necessary to make it work.


Macbook: a GPU Externally Certified by Apple

Manufactured by a third party publisher, the company Blackmagic, this device aims to boost the graphics performance on a Macbook.

Firefox/Google : 4 years of battle to be considered a browser full

Can one speak of a monopoly when Google does not bother to develop a search tool, mobile work in a similar manner on all browsers ?

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac targets non-Office 365 companies, includes features

Organizations that are not yet prepared to move Microsoft Office applications to a cloud-based version can kick the tires on Office 2019 for Mac, which is Microsoft’s volume-license choice.